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CBSE Class 12-science Answered

in ncert chapter 12 exercise 1 question no. 2 why we cant take points of x+2y=8 ... -24 should be the minimum value which comes from the point (8,0)..
Asked by ABHILASHA | 20 Apr, 2021, 12:07: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
Here, the feasible region is the region common for both the inequalities.
This means, the common region which is below the two lines and in 1st quadrant as x and y are positive.
The feasible region is shown in the figure.
So, the feasible region will not contain (8, 0) as its corner point. The corner points will be (0, 0), (0, 4), (4, 0) and (2, 3).
Answered by Renu Varma | 21 Apr, 2021, 12:11: PM

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