in a semiconductor diode,P -side is earthed and N-side is put at potential of -2v(minus two),the diode shall
dear sir/maam
            its will conduct or not ?

Asked by Sharaj | 10th Apr, 2017, 04:23: PM

Expert Answer:

  • If P side of a diode is earthed and N side of the same diode is connected with a potential of -2V then the diode shall conduct and it will become a forward biased diode.
  • In forward bias, the 'p' side is connected to the positive terminal and the 'n' side is connected to the negative terminal.
  • The direction of flow of current in this forward biased diode will be from 'n' side to 'p' side that is from negative terminal to the positive terminal.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 11th Apr, 2017, 01:23: PM

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