if gas has n degree of freedom , then the ratio of principle specific heat of gases is

Asked by Sangeeta Mandal | 20th Oct, 2013, 11:42: PM

Expert Answer:

The question means to say that if a gas has n degrees of freedom, that is, it is free to move in n independent ways/axes without violating any constraints imposed on it, then what will be the ratio of specific heats of gas.
If a gas has n degrees of freedome, then the average energy of a molecule at temperature T is (n/2) kBT.
Thus, the internal energy of one mole of a gas is U = (n/2)kBTNA = (n/2)RT.
Thus, we have the specific heat of gas at constant volume and pressure as

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 21st Oct, 2013, 09:35: AM

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