How to obtain bright fringes by young double slit experiment. ??

Asked by yadavnitish688 | 14th Dec, 2019, 06:04: AM

Expert Answer:

Conditins for obtaining fringes from double slit experiment:
1. The two sources should be coherent.
2.The interference pattern is more prominent if the difference between the sources is less. Ther smaller the distance more clear will be the pattern.
3.There should not be much difference between the amplitude of the waves coming from the sources.
For obtaining bright fringes the path difference shoul be nλ
This is the general condition for obtaining bright fringes on the screen.
Here y is the distance of the bright fringes from the center.d= distance between the slits. D= distance between the slit and the screen and λ is the wavelength.

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 14th Dec, 2019, 05:43: PM