how to balance a redox reaction? i cant understand.

Asked by  | 31st Jul, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

For balancing a chemical reaction you have to balance the no. of atoms on reactant and product side ie. no. of atoms on both sides should be equal.ex.
  MnO2 + HCl ------------> MnCl2 + Cl2 +H2O
no. of chlorine atoms and oxygen atoms are not equal on both side.
  MnO2 +4HCl -------------> MnCl2 + Cl2 +2H2O
in mangneseoxide oxidation no. of Mn is +4
in MnCl2 its ox. no. is +2 because ox. no. of Cl is -1
and that of oxygen is -2
so mangnese got reduced and
in HCl ox. no. of Cl is -1 and in Cl2 on product side  it is 0
thus hydrochloric acid got oxidised.

Answered by  | 31st Jul, 2010, 05:10: PM

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