how power and length of aperture of lens is recquired in compound microscope and telescope

Asked by singhdivyanshu633 | 24th Dec, 2015, 09:00: PM

Expert Answer:

A compound micrscope consists of two converging lenses. One is objective and other is eyepiece. The objective is of very short length and has a smaller aperture than eyepiece. The eyepiece is also short focal length but large aperture than objective. They are required to reduce aberrations.
Resolving power of microscope depends on the limit of resolution. Smaller the value of limit of resolution, greater will be the value of resolving power.
A telescope consist of two lenses, the objective lens, which is of large focal length and large aperture and the eye lens, which has a small focal length and small aperture. Aperture of objective lens is made large to increase magnifying power and resloving power of the telescope.

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 28th Dec, 2015, 11:15: AM