How is ultrasound used in various industries?

Asked by Topperlearning User | 31st Mar, 2014, 07:23: AM

Expert Answer:

Ultrasound can be used for various commercial uses as follows:
1)Ultrasound is used in industry for detecting flaws (cracks, etc) in metal blocks. If there is a crack in metal block then ultrasounds get reflected and do not reach the ultrasound detector, thereby indicating a flaw.
2)Ultrasound is used in medical industry to investigate internal organs of the human body such as liver, gall bladder, uterus, kidneys, pancreas, heart, etc.
3)Ultrasound is also used to remove kidney stones by first breaking the kidney stones into fine granules which then could pass through urine.
4)Ultrasound is also now a days used extensively to see the well being of foetus (unborn child) inside the mother’s uterus.
5)Ultrasound is used in sonar apparatus to measure the depth of sea and to locate objects under sea like shipwrecks, submarines, sea rocks, hidden ice-bergs etc.

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