how does sound travel in our head phone? i know that reflection of sound takes place but our head phones have wires in them. then how is reflection of sound possible and how do we hear it? please answer quickly its really urgent.

Asked by Malvika Dixit | 14th Feb, 2014, 10:52: AM

Expert Answer:

  • The wires carry the electrical signals along with them.
  • The headphones have a magnet, a coil which magnetizes and a plastic diaphragm which vibrates.
  • The electricity in the wire charges the coil and magnetizes it. The coil becomes an electromagnet. This means the coil will alternately be attracted to and repelled by the magnet at the back of the headphone.
  • The back-and-forth movement of the coil continuously makes the plastic diaphragm to vibrate, creating pulsating waves of air that travel through the front of the headphone and into the ear to vibrate the eardrum. This is how we can hear the sound.

Answered by  | 14th Feb, 2014, 01:20: PM

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