how does arylhalide react with alcoholic ammmonia ?

Asked by krishna | 23rd Nov, 2013, 09:40: AM

Expert Answer:

Alkyl halides react with alcoholic ammonia solution to give amines. In this reaction, alkyl halide undergoes nucleophilic substitution reaction.

RX + NH3       →        R NH3 +X-        

 R NH3 +X- + NH3    →       RNH + NH4 +X-        

                                         10 amine

 RNH   +  RX      →   R2NH   +  RX    →     R3N    +  RX     →            R4N+X-      

10 amine                   20 amine                  30 amine              Quaternary ammonium salt

Aryl halides do not react with alcoholic ammonia solution because aryl halides are relatively less reactive than alkyl halides towards nucleophilic substitution reactions. 

Answered by Karishma Kapoor | 25th Nov, 2013, 12:34: PM

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