how can I make that pinhole camera

Asked by ssrr1977rajeev | 20th Jan, 2022, 11:41: AM

Expert Answer:

Materials required:
Box, photo paper, thin piece of metal or you can use aluminium foil, tape, needle, sandpaper
Steps to follow:
1. Make a hole in the foil with need and use sand paper over it to smooth it.
2. Trim it so that there is very little space around that hole
3. Use any box like shoe box, gift box (as per availability). The box must be light proof. You can paint it black. When you cover the box with its lid there must be darkness inside box and there must be the light only which is coming from the pinhole. Make sure there are no other holes in the box except the pinhole made by you on foil. 
4. Make a small sqaure opening in the box for pinhole to go in. 
5. Tape the pinhole (the foil in which the hole is made) behind the sqaure opening of the box. Center the pinhole in the sqaure. 
6. Then make shutter which is used as flap to cover and uncover the pinhole from outside. It can be made using black or any coloured tape. 
7. Now load the photopaper inside the box. Tape this paper to the opposite side of pinhole in the box. While doing this there should be complete darknessinside room. If light falls on it the photo will get damaged. 
8. Now lid the box and it is ready for use. 
9. Take the box in bright and sunny environment, open the flap which works as shutter and point it towards the object you want to shoot. 
10. Keep it there for 30 s to 4 minutes depending upon the clouds and climate. 
11. Take the box to dark room and change the photopaper to shoot more photos. Develop photos in darkroom itself because if light falls on photopaper before developing the photo the photo shot will get damaged. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 20th Jan, 2022, 01:02: PM