hello teachers well this question is not related to my course m student and passionately want a cosmos telesope should you just asking should give me a telesope if i top in my board exams i promise i say eveyone one that i leared from topperlearning
i just ask its your wish teachers if you dont give me than just tell me how it made but cosmos related not ordinary i just request as a student

Asked by saggugurupal | 18th Aug, 2016, 10:44: PM

Expert Answer:

The process of making a good reflecting telescope is complicated.
It involves a long process wherein the kit needs to be bought. The kit contains a glass, some abrasives, polish, etc.
You will also need to build a stand as per your height. The following process needs to be followed:
1) Build a steady table for grinding and polishing. You can find a model on the internet.
2) Take the kit and use the abrasives to grind the glass. The grinding time for a glass depends on the diameter of the glass. It is usually around 30 hours for a 5 inch telescope.
3) After grinding, polish the glass. It takes another 20 - 30 hours for the same.
4) Send the finished glass to someone who can apply a coat of silver to it so that it becomes a mirror.
5) Construct a suitable casing for the telescope. You will need a good PVC pipe and few tools. Also bring a plane mirror for aligning it at 45 degree angle to view the objects.
6) Buy few lenses as per your requirement.
NOTE: The telescope can take any where between 6 - 8 months to be made. You will need patience and thoroghness to make your own.
Currently focus on your studies and after the boards if time permits, start making a telescope of your own.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 19th Aug, 2016, 01:15: PM