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what is displacement current????

Displacement current establsihes the continuity of current through the plates of the capacitor.

If you take two parallel metal plates (electrodes) and connect one to the positive pole and the other to the negative pole of a battery, you will create a capacitor. Direct-current (DC) electricity will simply collect between the two metal plates, and no current will flow between them. However, if you connect alternating current (AC) that changes drastically, electric current will start to flow along the two electrodes. Electric current is a flow of electrons, but between these two electrodes there is nothing but space, and thus electrons do not flow.

It was Maxell who suggested that by applying an AC voltage to the electrodes generates a changing electric field in the space between them, and this changing electric field acts as a changing electric current. This electric current is what we mean when we use the term displacement current.




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