Construct a triangle similar to a given triangle ABC such that each of its sides is two thirds of the corresponding sides of triangle ABC. It is given that BC= 6 cm, angle B = 50oand angle C = 60o.

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Expert Answer:

Steps of construction;

i. Draw BC = 6cm

ii. At B construct angle CBX = 50o

iii. At C construct angle BCY = 60o

iv. Let BX and CY intersect at A. Triangle ABC thus obtained is the given triangle.

v. Construct an acute angle CBZ at B on opposite side of the vertex A of triangle ABC.

vi. Mark off 3 (greater 3 in 2/3) points B1, B2, B3 on BZ such that BB1 = B1B2 = B2B3.

vii. Join B3 to C and draw a line through B2 parallel to B3C, intersecting BC at P.

viii. Through P draw PQ parallel to AC, meeting AB at Q

ix. BPQ is the required triangle, each of whose sides is two-thirds of the corresponding sides of triangle ABC.

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