Construct a parallelogram, one of whose sides is 5.2 cm and whose diagonals are 6 cm and 6.4 cm.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 4th Jun, 2014, 01:23: PM

Expert Answer:

We know that the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.

Steps of Construction:

(i) Draw AB = 5.2 cm. (ii) With A as centre and radius 3.2 cm, draw an arc. (iii)With B as centre and radius 3 cm draw another arc, cutting the previous arc at O. (iv) Join OA and OB. (v) Produce AO to C such that OC = AO and produce BO to D such that OD = OB. (vi) Join AD, BC and CD. Then, ABCD is the required parallelogram.

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