can u give a list of alloys and also a list of all the ores please?a long list with uses ,% of metals in the alloys,the gangue of the ores and also the method of extraction and all.

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making a comprehensive list is difficult but some common alloys are listed below
Stainless steel : It contains less than 0.2% carbon, 10 to 20% chromium and 5 to 10% nickel and reamining iron .  It is hard and very resistant to corrosion due to formation of a protective layer of chromium oxide.
Steel is an alloy of iron with about 2% carbon .
BRASS: It is an alloy of copper and zinc. It contains Cu 80% and Zn 20%. It is golden yellow in colour and used for making jewellery, name plates and musical instruments
BRONZE: Bronze is a copper tin based alloy.m Generally Bronze contains Cu-80-95%. Bronze is strong and is highly corrosive resistant. It has a percentage composition of Cu-89-92% and Sn-11-8%. It is used in the manufacture of coins, statues and ornaments

Duralumin: It is a mainly an alloy of Aluminium. It has a percentage composition of 94% Al, 4% Cu and 0.5% each of Fe, Mn, Si, Mg. it is used for making nuts, bolts, tubes, sheets, non magnetic parts of instrumental and air ships.


Nichrome: It is a Nickel chromium alloy and has a composition of Ni-55-78%, Cr-5-23%, Mn-0.7-1.5%, Si-0.4-1.3%, Al-0.2%. it is highly chemical as well as electrical resistant. Hence it is used as heating elements in electric iron and other electrical appliances. This alloy is present in the form of heating elements inside a muffle furnace

Solder: It is a tin lead based alloy. It contain Sn-66%, Pb-34% and it is used for joining articles made of tin. It has very low melting point and is used as soldering or joining electrical connections, lead pipes etc

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