alone can finish a piece of work in 15 days and B alone can finish the same work in 10 days how much time will they take if they work together

Asked by ak8757609 | 9th Dec, 2018, 06:39: PM

Expert Answer:

In 1 day A can do 1/15 of the work.

In 1 day B can do 1/10 of the work

Working together in one day they can do 1/X of the work,


begin mathsize 16px style 1 over 15 plus 1 over 10 equals 1 over straight X
fraction numerator 10 plus 15 over denominator 150 end fraction equals 1 over straight X
1 over straight X equals 25 over 150
1 over straight X equals 1 over 6
straight X equals 6 space days end style

They will complete the work togerther in 6 days.

Answered by Sneha shidid | 10th Dec, 2018, 09:12: AM