(a) What are ultrasounds? Explain the use of ultrasounds in detecting defects in a metal block.

(b) Explain how bats use ultrasounds to catch a prey?

(c) Explain how moths of certain families are able to escape capture from a bat?

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Expert Answer:

(a) Ultrasounds are high frequency waves. Ultrasounds are able to travel along well defined paths even in the presence of obstacles.

Ultrasounds can be used to detect cracks and flaws in metal blocks. Ultrasonic waves are allowed to pass through the metal block and detectors are used to detect the transmitted waves. If there is even a small defect, the ultrasound gets reflected back indicating the presence of the flaw or defect.

(b) Bats search out prey and fly in dark night by emitting and detecting reflections of ultrasonic waves. The high-pitched ultrasonic squeaks of the bat are reflected from the obstacles or prey and returned to bat's ear. The nature of reflection tells the bat where the obstacle or prey is and what it is like.

(c) Moths of certain families have very sensitive hearing equipment. These moths can hear the high frequency squeaks of the bat and know when a bat is flying nearby, and are able to escape capture.

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