A uniform electric field of magnitude 100kV/m is directed upwards. Perpendicular to E & directed into the page there exists a uniform magnetic field= 0.5T. A beam of +q particles enters this region. What should be the chosen sped of the particles for which the particles will not be deflected by the crossed electric & magnetic field.

Asked by padmakrith | 17th Jun, 2013, 11:21: AM

Expert Answer:

force exerted by magnetic field will be in direction perpendicular to both direction of motion an the direction of magnetic field. this force will be opposed by the force due to electric field.
if velocity = v
force due to mag. field, Fm = q(vxB) = 0.5qv
force due to electric field = qE = 100q x 103 N
thus equating these two we can find the value of v for no deflection.

Answered by  | 17th Jun, 2013, 12:15: PM

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