A tin maker bought a sheet of tin of length 4.40m and width 1.16m he made cylindrical tins closed on both the sides of height 20cm and radius 7cm while making each tin 88cm2 sheet is wasted ,then how many tins can be made from sheet?

Asked by swaroop.sandan | 24th Jan, 2020, 04:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Length of the sheet = 4.40 m = 440 cm
Width of the sheet = 1.16 m = 116 cm
Area of the sheet = 440 x 116 cm2
Height of the cylinder = 20 cm
Radius of the cylinder = 7 cm
Total space surface space area space of space the space cylindrical space tin space equals space 2 πrh plus 2 πr squared
equals 2 πr open parentheses straight r plus straight h close parentheses
equals 2 cross times 22 over 7 cross times 7 open parentheses 7 plus 20 close parentheses
equals 44 cross times 27 equals 1188 space cm squared
While space making space each space tin comma space 88 space cm squared space sheet space is space wasted
Sheet space required space to space make space one space tin space is space 1188 plus 88 equals 1276 space cm squared
Number space of space tins space made space equals space fraction numerator Area space of space the space sheet over denominator Sheet space required space to space make space one space tin end fraction equals fraction numerator 440 cross times cross times 116 over denominator 1276 end fraction equals 40
Hence comma space 40 space tins space can space be space made space from space the space sheet.

Answered by Renu Varma | 29th Jan, 2020, 09:57: AM