A stone tied to the end of a string 80cm long is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant speed. If the stone makes 14 revolutions in 25s, what is the magnitude and direction of acceleration of stone?

Asked by toppin | 14th Sep, 2010, 12:31: PM

Expert Answer:

In one revolution angle swapped      =  2∏    radian
therefore in 14 revolution angle swapped= 14 * 2∏ radian
Time taken = 25 sec.
Hence angular speed   ω =
                                 = 3.52  rad/sec
        Length of string L = 0.8 m
   magnitude of acceleration = ω2L
Direction will be towards the center of circle.

Answered by  | 14th Sep, 2010, 01:37: PM

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