A roadroller has radius 60cm and height 1.4m. It takes 500 revolution to plane a rectangular ground then what is area of rectangular ground

Asked by Siddhaling | 13th Jan, 2018, 07:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Radius= 60cm 

Height = 1.4m=140cm 


CSA of cylinder=2×(22÷7)×r×h

CSA= 2×22÷7×140×60 cm2

No of revolution = area of field ÷ CSA of roadrolled 

500 = area of field ÷ {2×22÷7×60×140}

Area =(500×2×22)÷(7×60×140)

Area = 2640000cm2 = 264m


Answered by Arun | 14th Jan, 2018, 01:44: PM

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