A person standing on a road has to hold his umbrella at 60* with the vertical to keep the rain away. he throws the umbrella and starts running at a speed of 20m/s. He finds that the rain drops are hitting his head vertically. Find the speed of rain drops with respect to A. the road B. the moving person

Asked by Nishtha Gupta | 8th Jul, 2013, 09:38: PM

Expert Answer:

The person is holding the umbrella at 60° with vertical.
Then, he starts running with speed vm = 20 m/s. Thus, the rain appears to fall vertically to him.
Thus, the speed of rain drops w.r.t road/ground is
And, the speed of rain drops w.r.t. person is

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 23rd Sep, 2013, 04:41: PM

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