a)Iqbal treated a lustrous, diavalent element M with sodium hydroxide. he observed the formation of bubbles in the reaction mixture. He made the same observations when this element was treated with HCl. suggest how he can identify the produced gas and give the chemical equation for both the reactions. b) a metal carbonate X on reacting with an acid gives a gas wihch passed through solution Y gives the carbonate black. on the other hand, a gas G that is obtained at the anode during electrolysis of brine is passed on dry Y, it gives a compound Z, used for disinfecting water. identify X,Y.G and Z.

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Expert Answer:

Its A Divalent Element And Lustrous So Its A Metal

Second Thing Only Very Reactive Metals React With Sodium Hydroxide.

Very Reactive Metals React With Sodium Hydroxide To Give Hydrogen Gas.

Now He Can Identify It By Bringing A Burning Candle He Would See That Gas Burns With A Pop Sound.

There Are Possible Metals Are

Calcium And Magnesium And Zinc And Many More

These Are Possible.

Now Reaction Could Be

Ca+NaOH-----------> Salt+ Hydrogen

Mg+NaOH------------> Salt + Hydrogen

Zn+NaOH----------> Salt + Hydrogen

All Of Them Give Complex Salts.

When They React With HCl They GIve THeir Respective Chlorides With H2 Gas

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