a body of mass 5 kg is acted upon by two perpendicular forces of 8N and 6N ,give magnitude and direction of acceleration of the body.

Asked by fathimaansari | 15th Jan, 2012, 05:12: PM

Expert Answer:

Net force, F 2=82+62  N

                 F2=100 N   and hence, F= 10N

Acceleration, a = F/m= 10/5= 2m/s2

If the net force F makes an angle beta(b)  with the horizontal, then the acceleration will also make an angle beta (b) with the horizontal . this is because the acceleration is always in the direction of force.

Tan b =6/8 =3/4 = 0.75

Hence, b  = tan-1(0.75)= 36.9o


Answered by  | 15th Jan, 2012, 05:30: PM

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