A body is thrown vertically upward with velocity u, the greatest height h to which it will rise is

Asked by stsurya20 | 7th Jul, 2020, 08:01: PM

Expert Answer:

we need to use the formula, v2 = u2+2as ;
v is final velocity, when the object reaches maximum height final velocity is zero,
hence v = 0
when an object is undergoing free fall or is acting against the direction of gravity, 
s = h ;
h is maximum height 
a = acceleration = -g, where g is acceleration due to gravity;  
we have
 begin mathsize 12px style 0 space equals space u squared space minus space 2 cross times g cross times h space space semicolon space h e n c e space
h space equals space fraction numerator u squared over denominator 2 g end fraction end style

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 7th Jul, 2020, 09:17: PM