A block of mass 2.5kg is sliding down a smooth inclined plane. The spring arranged near the bottom of the inclined plane has a force constant 600 N/m. Find the compression in the spring just after the block strikes the spring.

Horizontal length=4m 


Inclined length=5m

Asked by varakalasuchi3 | 29th Jan, 2019, 03:28: PM

Expert Answer:

As the inclined plane is smooth, energy will remain conserved. When the block strikes the spring it compresses the spring and finally comes to rest.
lets take the compression of the spring be x 
Energy possessed by the block=mgh
Energy stored in the spring after compression =K over 2 x squared
left parenthesis g equals 10 m s to the power of negative 2 end exponent right parenthesis
by energy conservation
K over 2 x squared equals m g h
600 over 2 x squared equals 2.5 cross times 10 cross times 3
o n space s o l v i n g space w e space g e t space x equals 0.5 m space o r space 50 c m

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 29th Jan, 2019, 04:17: PM