2.00g of non-electolyte solute dissolved in 100g of benzene, lowered the freezing point of benzene by 0.30K. find the molar mass of solute.

Asked by goyalpavitarta | 3rd May, 2021, 01:20: PM

Expert Answer:

This question is based on depression in freezing point.
increment T subscript f equals m cross times K subscript f
0.30 equals fraction numerator 2 cross times 1000 over denominator M subscript 2 cross times 100 end fraction cross times 5.12
M subscript 2 cross times 0.30 cross times 100 equals 2000 cross times 5.12
M subscript 2 equals fraction numerator 20 cross times 5.12 over denominator 0.30 end fraction equals 1024 over 3 equals 341.3 space g divided by m o l

Answered by Ravi | 3rd May, 2021, 04:54: PM