1.Name he different types of chloroplast.

2.Why is nucleolus not bound by any membrane?

Asked by pb_ckt | 29th Apr, 2019, 12:46: PM

Expert Answer:

1. There are four types of plastids:

  • Chloroplasts- Green, contain chlorophyll
  • Chromoplasts- Coloured, lack chlorophyll but contain carotenoids
  • Leucoplasts- Colourless, store a variety of energy sources in nonphotosynthetic tissues

2. Non-membrane bound organelles are more solid structures that are not fluid-filled, so they have no need for a membrane. Nucleolus is a large, distinct, spheroidal subcompartment of the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Since it is not fluid-filled, it is not bounded by any membrane.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 29th Apr, 2019, 03:25: PM