Why are genes for cytoplasmic male sterility in plants generally located in mitochondrial genome?

Asked by pb_ckt | 4th May, 2019, 12:03: AM

Expert Answer:

Mitochondria are the eukaryotic cell organelles that originate from pre-existing mitochondria only. Mitochondria are also known as semi autonomous organelles because they contain a circular, double stranded DNA molecule, RNA and 70S type of tibosomes.  The genes, located outside of nucleus (i.e., within the cytoplasm) also governs some traits, called as plasmogenes or cytoplasmic genes. Cytoplasmic male sterility (i.e., dominance of female cytoplasmic genes over male) is due to plasmogenes located in mitochondrial DNA (mt-DNA)

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 5th May, 2019, 08:42: PM