1) usually do girls grow taller than boys in puberty.(please first give the answer in yes or no and explain)
2)what is the difference between enzymes and harmones.

Asked by yogeshmittal177 | 16th Oct, 2015, 07:36: PM

Expert Answer:

1.Boys and girls are actually about the same height on average, until they reach the age of 12 or 13 (age of puberty). After that age, girls growth starts to level off. Boys continue growing until age 17 or 18. The reason why boys are taller than girls is their growth occurs very rapidly at the end of puberty. This delay gives boys the advantage of an additional two years of normal childhood development.



1. Enzymes are biological catalysts which speed up the rate of biochemical reactions.

1. Hormones are peptide or steroid that is produced in one part of an organism which triggers a specific cellular reaction in target tissues.

2. All enzymes are proteins.

2. Hormones may be polypeptides, steroids etc.

3. Enzymes are biological catalysts

3. They are not catalysts

4. Enzymes take part in metabolism

4. Hormones regulate metabolic activities.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 19th Oct, 2015, 08:00: AM