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ICSE Class 9 Comprehension and Composition Revision Notes for Notice Writing

Notice Writing


What is a Notice?

A notice is a kind of an advertisement aimed at informing people about some upcoming event or new openings. They may include announcements about extracurricular activities at schools or public events like discount sales or social service camps.

The main purpose of a notice is to grasp the attention of the masses and encourage them to participate in the event described. It should carry all the relevant information so as to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the minds of the readers. 

Format of a Notice

 Tips for Writing a Notice

  • The heading should be self-explanatory and crisp at the same time.
  • Ensure that basic information like contact details and the detail of the event are listed accurately.
  • The sentences in the body should be short and easy to understand. They should be easy to absorb in the passing.
  • Suitable decorative templates could be used to grasp the attention of the readers; however, these templates should not be allowed to interfere with the content of the notice.
  • Hard and fast grammatical rules do not apply to notices. You could use capital letters in the middle of sentences to highlight words. Underlining and use of short phrases are also accepted.
  • Attempt to make the reader feel involved by using personal pronouns like you, your and us.


Sample Notices

Sample 1

Mrs Usha Patil, Principal, New Horizon High School, notifies all about the absence of the summer club this year due to maintenance work of school during the vacations. 


Sample 2

Vice Principal Mr K Rathod of XYZ High School warns against disciplinary actions against indisciplined students 


Sample 3

Shilpika Rane, President (Dramatics Association) notifies about the annual play of the S.V. Raman School Dramatics Association. 


Sample 4

A notice about a 15% discount by the British Council Library to school students till 30 August. 


Sample 5

The president of Jay Raj Cultural Society informs about Patriotism Week in the college. 


Sample 6

Mrs Sufiya Pathan, the principal of Finland High School, informs the students about the cancelled Gujarat trip because of the drought in that region and collection of refund. 



Sample 7

Mr K Shrinivas, Principal, R. K. National High School notifies on the beginning of a fabric painting course on 24 August 2015. 


Sample 8

Samir Agnihotri, Head Boy, Acad Secondary School, notifies students of Grandparents Day celebration in school on 8 September 2015.