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ICSE Class 9 Comprehension and Composition Revision Notes for Email Writing

E-Mail Writing 

What is an E-mail?
An e-mail is the fastest way to communicate in writing. The word e-mail simply means electronic mail,which we send across the Internet or other computer networks. An e-mail can be sent from a computer or from a smartphone which has access to the Internet.

Some Facts about E-mail

What does an E-mail Look Like? 
Most e-mail service providers allow users to customise their online profiles. Each user can choose from a variety of themes and set their preferences. It is similar to setting themes on your computer.
An e-mail looks like a letter except that it is not handwritten. Let us examine the differences between a letter and an e-mail.

Components of an E-mail
An e-mail consists of two main sections:

  • The header
  • The body

The following fields are part of the header:

  • The To field
  • The Cc field 
  • The Bcc field
  • The Subject line 

The body of the e-mail consists of an introductory paragraph and a short description in writing. It consists of

  • A salutation
  • An opening sentence
  • The information in detail
  • Closing line
  • Signature line

An e-mail can be formal or informal. Let us read a few samples. 

E-mail Samples 


You haven’t received the refund of the defective product you sent back to an online shopping company two weeks ago. Write a letter to the Sales Head of the company explaining the matter and asking him to investigate the delay at the earliest. Sign the e-mail as Chandran Iyer.



You recently visited a live concert of your favourite singer. Write an e-mail to your younger brother describing the event. Sign the e-mail as Gaurav Pawar.


Your apartment has problems of leakage and peeling paint because of exterior seepage. Write a letter to  the secretary of your society requesting him to mend the exterior wall that is leaking. Attach some photographs of the damage in the apartment. Sign the e-mail as Ravi Yadav.



Write an e-mail to the editor of a daily expressing strong contempt over a gender-biased piece written by one of his correspondents titled ‘Working women destroy families’.