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ICSE Class 10 Assertion and Reasoning Questions

Assertion and reasoning class 10 ICSE questions are extremely crucial for the ICSE Board Examination. These questions are crafted to monitor the thinking and reasoning abilities of the ICSE Class 10 students, as well as their ability to grasp these questions and find solutions to them clearly. Moreover, these questions are a perfect revision for the studied topics and to monitor the understanding level of ICSE class 10 students. These questions also help the students score higher marks in minimal time as they appear in objective-type questions and can be solved quickly.

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Maths Assertion and Reasoning Qs


ICSE Class 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Assertion and reasoning questions are objective-type questions that appear in ICSE class 10th board examinations. The ICSE 10 AR questions include two statements with four options. The two statements hold one reason and one assertion. The first statement is the assertion.

In the assertion and reasoning questions for ICSE class 10 boards, each question comes with two statements, called assertion and reasoning. The student needs to select the right answer. The student needs to analyze if the two statements given are true and whether the reason supports the assertion or not.

For answering the assertion and reasoning questions for class 10th examinations, follow the five points given below:

  1. Invest good time in reading the ICSE assertion and reasoning questions and understand them carefully. If you hurry up and read these questions, you might not be able to understand them and might answer incorrectly. Hence, read both the given statements carefully and select the option that you think is the suitable answer.
  2. Consider each statement independently. For each statement given, your answer might be as follows –
  •        Both reason and assertion are false
  •        The assertion is false, but the reason is true
  •        The reason is false, and the assertion is true
  •        Both assertion and reason are true, but the mentioned reasons provide an inaccurate explanation.
  •        Both reason and assertion are true, and the reason provides an accurate explanation.

In order to improve your skills in solving ICSE assertion and reasoning questions, you must be clear with the basics, practice regularly, improve time management, enhance your analytical skills, improve accuracy, solve previous years' question papers, and practice all types of reasoning questions to build confidence and familiarity through mock tests, books, and online resources.

Yes, the Assertion and Reasoning format can appear in ICSE Class 10 in multiple subjects.

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