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ICSE Class 10 Physics Assertion and Reasoning Questions (ARQ’s)

The ICSE class 10 physics exam consists of several types of questions. Students need to be well-prepared to get good marks on the exam. A type of question in board exams and some competitive exams is the assertion and reasoning questions. The ICSE board exams are coming soon, and students need to be well-versed in all the chapters in their syllabus to get good scores.

There are significant benefits of assertion and reasoning questions for students for ICSE class 10 physics, such as the following:

  •        Sharpen your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
  •        Refine your problem-solving skills with detailed reasoning
  •        Assess your understanding of the concepts
  •        Gain a theoretical grasp of the topic

Why Choose TopperLearning for ICSE Class 10 Physics Assertion and Reasoning Questions?

Assertion and reasoning are easy questions, but they can be a little tricky for ICSE class 10 physics. Students need to have a good grasp of the topics and also practise well to get these questions correct. TopperLearning offers ICSE Class 10 physics assertion and reasoning questions which can be useful for the following reasons:

  •        Distinctive set of questions
  •        Questions designed by experts
  •        Questions based on every topic
  •        Revision adequate questions
  •        Ample number of questions available

TopperLearning additionally offers great benefits for class 10 students, such as the following:

  •        Selina book solutions
  •        Thoroughly curated revision notes
  •        Various sets of practice questions, previous years’ question papers, mock tests and more
  •        Interesting and detailed video lessons
  •        ‘Ask a doubt’ live sessions with experienced subject teachers
  •        More than 330 revised sets of assertion and reasoning questions in the last-minute Revision pack

TopperLearning ensures that every student is well-prepared for their examination. We believe that along with learning, practice is also of utmost importance to succeed with flying colours.

Physics Chapters for Assertion and Reasoning Questions

ICSE Class 10 Physics Frequently Asked Questions

Assertion and reasoning questions require students to have in-depth knowledge of every topic. These kinds of questions make students apply reasoning and critical thinking and study every concept thoroughly.

To solve assertion and reasoning problems, first read the questions properly. Next, consider the assertion statement and think about it. If you think the statement is true, why might that be?

Following that, read the reasoning behind the statement. If it's true, read it together with the assertion statement. Then, identify the relation between the two statements A and R using terms like "therefore," "so," " due to," and more. Has the explanation for the Assertion been clear?

TopperLearning covers the following topics in ICSE Class 10 physics Assertion and Reasoning:

  •        Force
  •        Work, power and energy
  •        Machines
  •        Refraction of light at plane surfaces
  •        Refraction through a lens
  •        Spectrum
  •        Sound
  •        Current electricity
  •        Electric power and household circuits
  •        Electromagnetism
  •        Calorimetry
  •        Radioactivity

Unlike the rote memorisation strategy of just memorisation, assertion and reasoning questions have the objective of assessing students' critical and logical thinking skills. For students to provide logical responses to these questions, they must be thorough in that topic.

Students should find class 10 physics assertion and reasoning questions to be both easy to understand and important. To prepare well for assertion and reasoning questions, students are required to study conceptually through each chapter. TopperLearning video lessons, revision notes, mock tests that include several assertion and reasoning practice questions, and sample papers can all help students be prepared for these types of questions.

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