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ICSE Class 10 Biology Assertion and Reasoning Questions (ARQ’s)

ICSE class 10 biology is an important subject for every student. It covers all the major biology topics that students need to know by the time the ICSE board exam takes place. Assertion and reasoning questions are one kind of questions that can be part of class 10 ICSE board exams and some competitive exams.

Assertion and reasoning questions in ICSE class 10 biology have the following benefits for the students:

  • Develops critical thinking
  • Enhance problem-solving skills with good reasoning
  • Encourages students to have conceptual knowledge
  • Assess their deep understanding of the topics

Why Choose TopperLearning for ICSE Class 10 Biology Assertion and Reasoning Questions?

Assertion and reasoning questions are important segments of every examination. Students need to be well prepared to score well on these questions. Here’s why ICSE Class 10 Biology Assertion and Reasoning Questions by TopperLearning are a must-have:

  • Curated by experienced faculty
  • Cover important topics of every chapter
  • Serve as a quick revision material
  • Help you understand the ICSE board pattern questions

Additionally, TopperLearning is a leading learning platform where class 10 students can leverage:

  • Expert-designed practice sessions
  • Elaborate answers with precise and well-discussed explanations
  • Revision pack with more than 330 unique assertion and reasoning questions
  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • Ample practice materials, including sample papers, mock tests, previous years’ question papers, and more

At TopperLearning, we ensure to provide students with comprehensive learning solutions and practice sessions to score well in examinations.

Biology Chapters for Assertion and Reasoning Questions

ICSE Class 10 Biology Frequently Asked Questions

The assertion and reasoning questions in ICSE class 10 biology are important because they help students to apply critical thinking. With these questions, students can score good marks.

To approach an assertion and reasoning question, you should first read the assertion statement and give it a minute to think about it. If you think that the statement is right, then what should be the reason?

Next, read the Reason statement; if it is a correct statement, read it along with the assertion statement, and use conjunctions like "because," "thus," "therefore," etc. to define the association between A and R. Is the Assertion explained precisely?

TopperLearning covers the following topics in ICSE Class 10 Biology Assertion and Reasoning:

  • Cell- The structural and functional unit of life
  • Structure of chromosomes, cell cycle, and cell division
  • Genetics- some basic fundamentals
  • Absorption by roots- the processes involved
  • Transpiration
  • Photosynthesis- provider of food for all
  • Chemical coordination in plants
  • The circulatory system
  • The excretory system
  • The nervous system
  • Sense organs
  • Endocrine glands- the producers of chemical messengers
  • The reproductive system
  • Human evolution
  • Population- the increasing numbers and rising populations
  • Pollution- a rising environmental problem

No, assertion and reasoning questions are not based on rote memorisation. These kinds of questions were created to evaluate a student's ability to show in-depth knowledge, critical thinking, and logical problem-solving abilities to simple memorising.

ICSE class 10 Biology questions are easy-to-solve questions. Students need to have an in-depth and conceptual knowledge of all the chapters to solve these questions. You should refer to revision notes, video lessons, and sample papers on TopperLearning to prepare well for assertion and reasoning questions. Furthermore, you should take regular practice tests at TopperLearning.

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