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ICSE Class 10 Maths Assertion and Reasoning Questions (ARQ’s)

Maths is an important subject for every student. The syllabus for ICSE class 10 Maths is quite conceptual and easy to understand. However, it requires good practice before the ICSE board exam takes place. Assertion and reasoning questions are important types of questions that would be part of your ICSE board exam and other competitive exams, too.

Assertion and reasoning questions in ICSE class 10 Maths have the following benefits for the students:

  •        Assess and enhance the conceptual knowledge
  •        Enhance critical thinking skills for mathematical problems
  •        Improve problem-solving skills
  •        Assess student’s understanding of the topics

Why Choose TopperLearning for ICSE Class 10 Maths Assertion and Reasoning Questions?

An important segment of various exams is the assertion and reasoning questions. To get good scores on these questions, students have to be thoroughly prepared. Here's why signing up for TopperLearning's ICSE Class 10 Maths Assertion and Reasoning Questions is beneficial for you:

  •        Cover important concepts from each chapter
  •        Strength your understanding of the ICSE board and other exam patterns
  •        Help in quick revision
  •        Designed by experienced teachers

Using a leading learning platform like TopperLearning, class 10 students can leverage the following:

  •        Comprehensive revision notes
  •        Previous years’ question papers with well-explained solutions
  •        Selina solutions for all the chapters
  •        ‘Ask a doubt’ sessions with experienced faculties
  •        Mock tests, sample papers and more practice material

At TopperLearning, we ensure to provide students with comprehensive learning solutions and practice sessions to score well in examinations.

Maths Chapters for Assertion and Reasoning Questions

ICSE Class 10 Maths Frequently Asked Questions

The assertion and reasoning questions in ICSE class 10 Maths play an important role because they help students get an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. These questions also enhance students’ logical and critical thinking skills.

When you start solving the assertion and reasoning question, you should read the assertion statement carefully and take a minute to understand it nicely. According to your logic, if the statement is correct, then what is the reason for it?

Then, following that, read the reasoning statement, if it is the right reason, try to read it with the assertion with connecting words like “therefore,” “because,” “thus” and others to build a link between the statements A and R. Lastly, consider once more the assertion explained correctly.

TopperLearning covers the following topics in ICSE Class 10 Maths Assertion and Reasoning:

  •        Goods and service tax
  •        Banking
  •        Shares and dividend
  •        Linear inequations
  •        Quadratic equations
  •        Ratio and proportion
  •        Remainder and factor theorems
  •        Matrices
  •        Arithmetic progression
  •        Geometric progression
  •        Coordinate geometry- reflection
  •        Section and midpoint formula
  •        Equation of a line
  •        Similarity
  •        Loci
  •        Circle: arc and cyclic properties
  •        Circle: tangent and intersecting chords
  •        Circle: constructions
  •        Menstruation: cylinder, cone and sphere
  •        Trigonometrical identities
  •        Height and distance
  •        Statistics: graphical representation
  •        Measures of central tendency: mean
  •        Measures of central tendency: mode and median
  •        Probability

No, rote memorisation is not the basis for assertion and reasoning questions. These types of questions are meant to assess a student's ability to show thorough understanding, critical thinking, and logical problem-solving skills compared to basic memorisation.

ICSE class 10 Maths syllabus is designed in an interesting and simple way. To solve the assertion and reasoning questions, students need to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of each chapter. Students can get help from TopperLearning to prepare for these questions effectively. TopperLearning has well-designed notes, mock tests, practice tests with assertion and reasoning questions, video lessons and more. Furthermore, you can sign up for regular practice tests on assertion and reasoning questions on TopperLearning.

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