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By dissolving 5g substance in 50g of water, the decrease in freezing point is 1.2 degree celcius. The gram molal depression is 1.85 degree celcius. The molecular weight of substance is






Asked by Balbir 28th July 2019, 6:08 PM
Answered by Expert
Option (d) is correct.
ΔTf = 1.2 ºC
Wsolvent = 50 gm
Wsolute = 5 gm
Kf = 1.85 ºC gm/mol
Using the formula od depression in freezing point, molecular weight of the subastance can be calculated as,
straight M subscript 2 space equals space fraction numerator straight K subscript straight f cross times straight W subscript solute cross times 1000 over denominator increment straight T subscript straight f space cross times space straight W subscript solvent end fraction

space space space space space space equals fraction numerator 1.85 cross times 5 cross times 1000 over denominator 1.2 cross times 50 end fraction

straight M subscript 2 space equals space 154.166

straight M subscript 2 space almost equal to space 154.2 space straight g divided by mol
Molecular weight of the subastance is 154.2 g/mol
Answered by Expert 29th July 2019, 9:51 AM
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