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NEET Questions and Answers

NEET - Chemistry
Asked by solagamsudharani1234 | 29 Jun, 2022, 11:22: AM
NEET - Biology
Answer in detail, Thanks ☺️
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Asked by jhajuhi19 | 11 May, 2021, 05:07: PM
NEET - Biology
The relationship between log10 (MW) [MW= Molecular weight in kDa] of a mixture of protein standards and their retension factors (Rf) obtained from native-PAGE is log10 (MW) = -2Rf + 3. If the measured retension factor for a protein with 180 amino acids is 0.5, then find the number of identical monomers in the protein.
Asked by subhrojyotighosh8 | 27 Oct, 2020, 05:02: PM