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A 150 kg car engine develops 500w for each kg.What force does it exert in moving the car at a speed of 20m/s ?

Asked by gaurav72001 22nd March 2015, 2:53 PM
Answered by Expert
begin mathsize 12px style Given colon Mass space of space the space car comma space straight m space equals space 150 space kg Power space devepos space for space each space kg space equals space 500 space straight W therefore space Total space power. space straight P space equals space 150 space cross times space 500 space equals space 75000 space straight W Speed space of space moving space car comma space straight v equals space 20 space straight m divided by straight s Power space equals space work divided by time Power space equals space left parenthesis force space cross times space displacement right parenthesis space divided by Time Power space equals space Force space cross times space velocity therefore space straight F space equals space straight P over straight v space equals space 75000 over 20 space equals space 3750 space straight N Force space exerted space by space car space is space 3750 space straight N end style
Answered by Expert 22nd March 2015, 5:01 PM
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