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Why Reading is Important for Children

The benefits of reading are unparalleled. It’s perhaps the only source of gaining knowledge and awareness of the world around us. It opens windows to the world and widens our horizons. There’s no substitute for reading.

It’s been proved that students who read a lot develop a broader perception about things than those who don’t like reading. Let’s look at the benefits of reading in our lives.

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The more you read, the more you’ll learn. Your vocabulary is also enhanced. Students with a low vocabulary are often less articulate and unable to hold conversations. Reading shouldn’t be restricted to academics only. A wide range will help expand thinking capabilities leading to a more holistic and inclusive outlook to things. Today, many students restrict their reading to academic books, which will surely give good grades, but their knowledge about different things may remain stunted.

Benefits of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud not just makes your brain aware of what you’re reading but also sharpens your focus. When you’re restless and stressed, reading a nice book loudly will calm your senses and distract you from the present worry. Reading loudly also shapes your diction to a large extent.

Memory Enhancement

When you read a book, you have to remember the characters, plot, drama, setting, everything just so that you don’t have to flip the pages every time to recall what you’d read earlier. It’s amazing that your brain has the power to remember everything so easily and quickly. Reading is a kind of an exercise for the brain to enhance memory. So, make sure that you spare some quality time for reading.

A book not only has the power to educate but also captures our curiosity and imagination. Those who don’t read are definitely missing out on something. Don’t let your reading revolve around just posts or tweets on the social sites.

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