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What to Do After 10th? Here Are 10 Unconventional Things You Can Do!

Done with Class 10th? What next? It’s simple, isn’t it? So, you have 3 stream choices: Science, Commerce, Arts, and you choose one of these streams mostly because your parents tell you to or teacher knows better. Science is hot and trending because most of us believe, if you can’t become a doctor or an engineer then you can become but little more. Commerce as a stream is gaining recognition, would you say that the advent of the ‘start-up culture’ takes the credit? And in the league of 3 choices, Humanities/Arts as a stream has always existed as the 3rd favorite.

Feeling a bit bold and audacious? Don’t let parents, teachers, peers, personal fears or latest trends take control of your future. When it comes to which stream you should choose after 10th, let your interests and vocations guide you.

Why should you choose Science? – You are that slightly eccentric, geeky guy or girl in school who is kind of cool but in an uncanny way. You are an introvert with an analytical bent of mind. You are committed; you have concrete career goals and you really know what you want. You are not scared of having to burn the midnight oil. You can take the stress. You are keenly interested in everything science-y, and you don’t mind giving up your play time to fathom the unfathomable.

Then, perhaps Science is your true calling. Read this blog on: Career In Science After 10  to make an informed choice.

And, you should choose Commerce because – You are that one student in class who reads ‘The Economic Times’ daily. Maybe you even subscribe to magazines like ‘Entrepreneur’, and you secretly keep a track of what’s going up in the stock market. Or, you find yourself really interested when family conversations center on topics like these.

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If you are choosing Arts/Humanities, then – You must have a keen interest in the subjects that come under this stream. Maybe somewhere there is a discoverer in you who loves to dig into History. Maybe you are an explorer at heart, and like pinning places on the map and knowing about soil conditions and direction of winds. You could be the most popular kid in class with exceptional skills of communication. And, you take a keen interest in the psyche of those around you.

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But what if you don’t fit any of the above bills? Relax, there’s no end to the things you can do after Class 10; your choices are literally endless. Despite who might have told you what, it is not mandatory to do +2 after 10th if are not so inclined.

Here are 10 not-so-conventional things that you can do after class 10:

1. Diploma in Graphics and Animation

2. Diploma in Fashion Technology

3. Army/Police Force

4.Diploma in Digital Marketing

5.Diploma in Cyber Security

6. Diploma in Agriculture

7. Diploma in Footwear Designing

8. Diploma in Animal Husbandry

9. Diploma in Textile Designing

10. Diploma in Social Service

And, this is just the beginning. There are a plethora of choices that you can avail after Class 10th.

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