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What is Your Learning Cycle?

Everything that we see around us follows a pattern; the annual seasons, the food chain, the water cycle, etc. Why then, should your learning be devoid of a methodology? Although we almost excel in mastering all our subjects, sometimes certain chapters or subjects are difficult to grasp and learn. However, adopting a good learning cycle can simplify studying for you and make learning effective. Let us see how.


Often, this vital step is neglected and underestimated by many students. Quite a few students find the experience of attending lectures and reading lessons boring. Did you know listening to your teacher and reading lessons carefully you actually activates your brain to indulge in learning more?


The next step is to reflect upon your experience in the classroom and at home during your study time. Whether it was a lecture or a chapter you just read, it is important that you think about what you learnt. Make notes using different note making techniques and revise as and when you can.            


Frame a few questions around the topic you learnt or read about and write down the answers without looking at your notes. Also, time yourself during this task. Once you are done, cross check your answers with the original text. Gradually, the number of mistakes you make will decrease and what you will produce is well-written answers reflecting a complete understanding of the chapters.

Active Feedback

Writing exams is a reflection of how well you have worked around your syllabus. If making notes and solving textbooks is experimenting with what you have learnt, appearing for exams is a way of receiving feedback from the source of your learning; your teachers.

The learning cycle is incomplete without fun, break time, and relaxation.  

Make it fun-tastic!

Being in a study group with your classmates not only opens you up to how others perceive the same topic, but also makes learning fun.

Take a Break

Have you heard of the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? It is vital to take breaks in between study time to give your precious brain enough rest. However, the key here is to again time one’s breaks and not get carried away.


Try meditating in between your studying to calm and clear your mind. Meditation helps in better learning as it helps you absorb knowledge faster by improving your focus.


The perfect learning cycle will be complete and successful if followed as a daily routine. We hope these steps enhance your learning abilities. Good luck and happy learning!

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