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Unsung Indian Freedom Fighters We Need to Know

The story of India’s struggle towards freedom has been heard many times. We all know how Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Rani Laxmibai paved the way of freedom for us. History, on the other hand, has never let us forget the past. There are many freedom fighters about whom we are not aware of. Let us dig up the past and look at people who have sacrificed their life for the country. We may have failed to recognise them, but now is the time to acknowledge their struggle too.

Veer Savarkar: Hero of Independence

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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was the first political leader who had set a goal of absolute political independence against the British Raj in 1990. He was an activist, politician, poet and writer. Veer was the first Indian activist who had organised a revolutionary movement for Independence on an international level in 1906. He was the only Indian leader whose arrest caused legal difficulties for the British courts. His daring escape and arrest on French soil became a cause of celebration in the International Court of Justice at the Hague. This case was used as an example in various international trials in 1910. Veer was the first revolutionary leader who within less than 10 years gave a tough fight to untouchability in the remote district of Ratnagiri.

Gour Hari Das: Braveheart

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Gour Hari Das is a man who fought with courage for freedom but had to struggle for more than 30 years to prove his identity. Das was only 15 years old when he had joined the freedom movement. Mahatma Gandhi also praised him for his enthusiasm and determination. Later, he also joined the Khadi and Village Industries Commission to improve the living standard of the artisans working with khadi. After 30 years of struggle and fight, at the age of 84, Das is now the General Secretary of National Anti-Corruption and Crime Preventive Council (NACCPC).

Surya Sen: Bengal Tiger

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Surya Sen, the Bengal Tiger, is known for his fearless leadership in the 1930 Chittagong armoury raid of Bengal in British India. As a revolutionary, Surya laid a nationwide non-corporation movement against the British. He led a group of sixty-four revolutionaries who captured the Police Armoury, destroyed the telephones and telegraph lines, and dislocated the railway lines to and from Chittagong. After taking over the town, they hoisted the tricolour flag and declared Gandhi’s Raj. Eventually, the British troops surrounded them and overpowered the raid. This raid later ignited a lot of similar rebellious acts in Bengal.

Potti Sreeramulu: Devotee of Gandhiji

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Potti Sreeramulu was a devotee of Gandhiji who took part in the Dandi March and Quit India Movement. Potti is remembered for his fast unto death to create a separate Andhra state. He also undertook a fast for the entry of Dalits in temples and strived hard for Dalit liberation. He was also involved in the village reconstruction programmes at Rajkot in Gujarat. In 1943 and 1944, he worked for the adoption of charkha textile-spinning in Nellore district. Potti was well known for his kind heart and humility as he was one activist who ate food from all the households regardless of caste, creed and culture.   

Tanguturi Prakasam: Lion of Andhra

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Tanguturi Prakasam, the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, was the only successful Telugu barrister of his time in the Madras High Court. He played a very important role in breaking the tax law of Madras. The people of Andhra Pradesh were very inspired by his achievements as a fighter, editor and political leader. He was popularly known as ‘Andhra Kesari (Lion of Andhra)’. During his tenure as the head of state, Prakasam publicly declared his intention to remove all textile industries in the province and replace them with khadi manufacturing and weaving units.

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