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Top 5 Study Techniques for ICSE Class 9 Syllabus Success

The ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Class 9 is an important grade marking the foundation for higher secondary levels. To be confident in their goals and knowledge, ICSE Class 9 students must thoroughly focus on all subjects and be mindful of the preparation part. As an adequate help, here you have the top 5 study techniques for success in ICSE Class 9.  

ICSE Class 9 Syllabus Breakdown

The ICSE syllabus of classes 10, 11 and 12 is the continuance of subjects listed in Class 9. Hence, a good command and thorough clarity of concepts are mandatory from this early stage.

In ICSE Class 9, students must complete a comprehensive syllabus inclusive of the following subjects - Science, Maths, Hindi, Economics, Economics Applications, Social Studies and English. The clearer a mindset one has regarding the concepts, the better the chances for them to score high grades.  

Top 5 Study Techniques For Success In ICSE Class 9

A consistent problem-solving approach and mindfulness towards the ICSE Class 9 syllabus helps students attain outshining grades. Below listed are the top 5 study techniques that will help you gain success in ICSE Class 9.    

1.     Come Up With A Study Plan To Complete Syllabus On Time

While preparing, it is always important to keep track of the number of days left and the syllabus involved. A well-curated study plan can be the ultimate saviour in this stage. Allot time slots for each subject, keeping in mind your areas of strength and weaknesses. Other than the textbooks, include learning over video lessons to grasp a better understanding of the topics included. 

2.     List Out Important Topics

Before an exam, the ultimate drill is to complete the entire syllabus. However, it is also important to understand that some topics have more importance than others. So, list them out as per their importance and then continue with preparations.

Trick: Check out previous years' exam papers to discover which topics were covered in sections with more marks. Also, these question papers will help you discover chapters that contribute majorly to the overall score.

3.     Set Aside Time For Revision

The more you revise, the better you get with understanding the concepts!

What is the best time to revise?

●       Think about the time when you work best (morning, afternoon or evening). When learning facts, revise when you are most alert and focused.

●       Take regular breaks as it gives your memory some time to recover and absorb the information.

What's the best way to revise?

●       Passive learning isn’t the best! Just reading your notes over and over won’t help, copy out notes or highlight bits to get actively involved.

●       Think about how you can use the information to answer exam questions.

Use revision notes always! In the process, you can also solve multiple choice and subjective questions to understand your clarity on a concept. 

4.     Practice Sample Questions

Self-evaluation always works wonders! It helps you understand the areas that you need to focus more. Finalise hours on a weekday to solve time-bound Class 9 sample question papers. Solving the sample papers and using the answer sheet to cross-verify each will eventually enhance your confidence, eradicating the fear of the actual examination day.

5.     Work On Your Problem Parts 

Once done with the points above, it is time to acknowledge your mistakes and work on the subject-wise concepts! Ensure you are making enough effort to practise questions you deem yet to be mastered. You can always refer to SELINA Solutions Class 9 if there is something with Maths or Science that you find difficult to solve. To get your doubts clarified by experts, post your queries at our Ask a Doubt platform!


Class 9 marks the announcement of the journey to the next phase. So, it becomes more important to excel in the final exams by following the best techniques and trustworthy resources. TopperLearning is your trusted source, providing a complete package of ICSE Class 9 solutions for the students to get access anytime from any place. 

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