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Tips when Staying in a Hostel

Schools, colleges and universities are on the rise resulting in the increase in number of admissions. Not only that they are coming up with hostels to accommodate new entrants. While worrying for your career , what comes next is your accomodation.


A hostel is as necessary as some of the basic amenities like canteens, computer labs, libraries etc., which students often depend on to study well.





The other option is to go in for an apartment; however, this has a lot of limitations especially if you’re a student and a bachelor. You may find yourself not welcome in several housing societies where mostly families stay because of a past legacy of rowdiness left behind by previous students. Plus, staying in an apartment comes with the added responsibilities of paying bills for electricity, water, maintenance and cleaning up the place.


So naturally, many students opt for hostels.  Being part of an unknown community of people for a good few years of your life can be interesting as well as challenging. But life at a hostel with all its freedoms and limitations will change your life for sure.


Here are a few typical issues to expect during your hostel years.


Being haunted or benefitted by the familiar saying ‘Sharing is Caring’: Privacy is a foregone term when you enter the hostel and you find yourself sharing a room with more than 2. This can be a pain especially when you have to take a shower or answer nature’s call before leaving for college. Don’t do anything too openly which can attract unnecessary attention. Till you know your partners well, try keeping things to yourself.


This is no home: Yes; this can be your sanctuary for a while. But you won’t have your mom coming and changing your bedsheets, cleaning your furniture or washroom or even tiding up your study table, which can become quite a mess after sometime. Adjust, maintain and share the responsibilities with your roomies; at least take the initiative by leading.


Health is the greatest wealth: Your health is threatened and can become an issue if your room isn’t tidy, your bedsheets are not changed in time or even if your washroom is not cleansed. Avoid keeping stagnant water in your room as it may turn out to be resting grounds for mosquitoes. Surely, they will not let you have your sweet sleep at night. Be hygienic and insist on hygiene, which will be beneficial for you and your roomies.


Precautions: Hostels are an abode to a lot of people from different backgrounds, pasts, cultures, languages and styles. Don’t expect everyone to think on the lines you do. Challenges like theft and unsafe transactions may come your way. Do not expose your valuables. Be careful before you trust someone with your belongings.


A life-changing experience: There’s nothing like clicking with the right bunch or getting along with your roommates. Your roommates may turn out to be like your family in all sense. You can also share, exchange and execute ideas which can collectively shape your lives.


-Sayan Ganguly

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