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The Perfect Way to Score Well in Formative Assessments

The CBSE tests your academic progress through two assessment techniques as a part of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process.

Summative Assessment (SA I and II):  Carried out at the end of a particular learning cycle

Formative Assessment (FA I, II, III, IV): Employed to examine the continuous progress of students after each learning session.

Broadly speaking, SA I and SA II exams are your Term I and Term II exams testing you on a chunk of the syllabus, while FA assignments are the Unit Tests aimed at checking your understanding of smaller parts of the syllabus at shorter intervals. Let us look at how you can enjoy the Formative Assessments and score well at the same time. 




Often, a lot of planning and practice goes into preparations for the Summative Assessments. But one shouldn’t forget that formative assessments constitute almost 40% marks for the whole academic session. FA tests are ideally feedback-centered activities intended to improve your performance and self esteem. In fact, if you prepare well for your FAs, your SA exams will be a smooth ride. We hope this article will help you prepare well for your formative assessments and score more marks! 

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