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The Education Franchisee - Franchisor Relationship: Communication and Collaboration for Success

Franchising is a popular business model where the franchisor, which is the established company, licenses its brand to a franchisee, another individual, to operate a branch of the business in a different location. The franchisee can pay a fee and any extra royalties to use the business’s name and services.

Franchising is popular in all industries, but more so in the education sector. In education, if a partner decides to invest in a franchise, they have to contribute at a higher level of communication and collaboration to ensure success, both for the franchisor, the franchisee, and the brand.

But why are communication and collaboration important for the success of the business?

Communication: Essential for Collaboration

Communication is essential for all businesses. Open communication guarantees clarity in the relationship. The benefits of clear communication are numerous; some of the most important are:

·        Identifying Risks 

With constant communication between the franchisor and the franchisee, both parties can improve their ability to identify potential risks and issues that might arise in the future. When problems are identified in time, the franchise can take necessary steps to mitigate the risks. It increases mutual trust and respect among the collaborators.

·        Updating Study Material

In education franchising, changes in the education policy may lead to major changes in the business’s services. Communication ensures that franchisees are regularly updated on changes to the curriculum, study material, and other developments. When a franchisor supports the partner and guides them through the changes, both parties are able to uphold a high quality of service.

·        Informed Decision Making

Regular communication with the franchisors can help franchisees make profitable decisions based on timely information. It can help them manage their business better and make decisions that ultimately support the growth and development of both parties. 

Collaboration: Only Through Clear Communication

Collaboration can only be facilitated when all communication channels are open, and franchisors promote regular meetings. An education business partnership can thrive when both partners work together with mutual understanding to achieve common objectives.

Successful collaboration can help be facilitated in the following ways:

·        Training and Development

Businesses can organize training and development programs for franchisees to allow them to update their skills and knowledge. When a franchisee is trained in the industry’s best practices, they can put what they learned to use to boost the business. Continuous collaboration helps improve teamwork which ultimately leads to everyone achieving their goals much faster. 

·        Growth Opportunity

When communication is frequent, partners can share best practices, identify growth opportunities, and develop new learning aids for the business. Such collaboration is extremely helpful in ensuring the success of the franchisee. Franchisors can offer support to their partners to help them achieve their goals. 


Education franchising is a sector that has many opportunities to offer, enabling businesses to grow successfully. However, the business's success depends mainly on how well both parties can communicate and collaborate to identify such opportunities and profit through them. When open communication channels are established, and clear communication is promoted, the relations between franchisor and franchisee strengthen, ultimately profiting both. 


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