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Smart Move by CBSE, Class 12 Chapters Shifted to Class 11 to Reduce Burden

Class 12 has a very heavy feel to it. Usually for students who move from Class 11 to 12 have mixed feelings of excitement and anticipated pressure to perform well in the exams at the end of the year. Right from the beginning, everyone tells you that this grade is going to be tough. But this year, things may turn out to be a bit different. The board exam will continue to stress students, but the vastness of the syllabus will not be as overwhelming. 

Earlier this year there were whispers that NCERT is going to significantly reduce the number of chapters so that students have enough time to pursue extracurricular activities which will significantly contribute to their all-round development.

According to the latest update on the syllabus change, CBSE has decided to remove some chapters from the Class 12 syllabus and add them to the Class 11 course. The aim behind such a move is to reduce the burden on students. The changes will be implemented from 2018–19 onwards.

Changes in Economics:

The micro-economics portion has been shifted to Class 11. The Class 12 syllabus now primarily consists of macro-economic portions.

Changes in Physics:

‘Geometrical Optics’, a major chapter from the CBSE Class 12 physics syllabus, has been shifted to Class 11.

This move by CBSE has been largely welcomed by students, parents and school authorities everywhere. Although it lengthens the Class 11 syllabus to some degree, it also gives more time and lesser burden to students in their final year of high school.

This move by CBSE will hopefully do much good to students and give them more time to practise and revise and get exam ready in Class 12.

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