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OTBA: A New Approach to Practical Learning

Theoretical learning is important; however, theoretical learning is of no importance if not accompanied with substantial practical learning. OTBA is one of the methods in the education system which promotes learning which will benefit students in the long run.

What is OTBA?

OTBA – Open Text-Based Assessment – is a new learning format introduced by CBSE to help students develop their latent innovative skills. Basically, OTBA aims at helping you discover your hidden talents. With OTBA, CBSE wants to make learning a little more comprehensive and conceptual. Learning which is advanced and has a practical approach unlike the traditional methods of learning.



Let us look at how important CBSE’s initiative of OTBA is for students:

Encourages to Form an Opinion: OTBA will enable students to comprehend, analyse and interpret a particular situation. Also, based on their knowledge of concepts, students are supposed to give suggestions and their opinions on the same.

Promotes Practical Learning: Students depend on theoretical concepts to score good marks and stay ahead in academics. However, in the race of competition, nothing is actually learned. The essence of practical learning is lost. If students cannot apply the concepts they study in real-life situations, then somewhere our teaching methods lack authenticity. OTBA promotes practical learning which emphasises on the importance of recalling and remembering facts.

Manifestation of our Hidden Skills: Our greatest talents/skills are sometimes hidden from us until we discover them randomly. OTBA will help students discover their special skills and help develop those skills.

OTBA aims at Reducing the Learning Stress on Students: The text material for OTBA will be supplied to students in advance so that they have enough time to prepare and process information. The text material will also be available in the question paper which will have an OTBA section. CBSE will ensure that the question paper along with the OTBA section is not very lengthy for students.

Higher Order Thinking Skills: Higher order thinking skills involve logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are really important to become a successful student. A student should be able to understand information, further process it and then derive significant information and apply it to new situations for further improvement and expansion of learning. 

CBSE’s OTBA initiative will help students in the decision-making process of real-life situations and will be beneficial in setting their career goals. 

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