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Making an Informed Career Decision: Mind Tools

Making an informed career decision is a crucial part of every student’s life. Trying to fit into something which is not meant for you will only bring you sadness and dissatisfaction. If you do not have passion for what you are doing, then it is not worth doing.

Here are top five factors which you must consider while making your career decision which is indeed an important decision of your life.

Educational Qualifications: You cannot expect to be an expert in a particular field without actually being qualified for it. Educational qualifications are really important. Yes! Some fields require talent as an important factor; however, education makes you more aware and mature in life. In a way, it validates your knowledge.

Passion: You need to have passion for what you want to do in life. A career without passion is like a flower without fragrance. So, discover things you are passionate about and shape a career in those areas.

Work Towards it: When you have figured out what you want to do in life, you need to work towards it. If you want to be a musician, you will have to go hunt for opportunities. Opportunities will never knock at your door; they are something you need to grab. Face the real world and work towards your passion.

Strategy and Planning: You need to have a plan for a good career. After discovering your area of interest, decide on how you want to go about it. You can either go for higher studies or take up an entry-level job to gain some experience, and then go for specialisation. Plan and strategise everything before you give it a shot.

Be Ready for Change: It is truly said that nothing is permanent than change. Be flexible and try everything which comes your way. After choosing a career, you may find it not as rewarding as you expected. You must have the courage to look for other opportunities then. Be ready with a backup plan.

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